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Brandon Dayton looks at BLACKHOLE. A gravity-based puzzle-platformer that puts the HARD back into HARDCORE, with innovative gravity-based puzzles and fantastic voice-acting.

Review : A.V.

Brandon Dayton looks at A.V. This is sound-based puzzle platformer where you use echolocation to navigate. Presenting an innovative approach, to an age-old genre does this title open up a new world? Or fall on it's face?

Review : Abomination Tower

Brandon Dayton reviews Abomination Tower. A fun skill-based procedurally-generated undead platformer with global high-score board and collectible heads to power your little Abomination to your liking.

Review : Chasm (Prerelease Alpha)

Brandon Dayton takes an early look at the Alpha of CHASM, a fantastic, procedurally-generated RPG platformer developed and published by Discord Games. Will you give in to your nostalgia?

Review : Grimoire – Manastorm (Early Access)

Grimoire - Manastorm is a recent early access release. Brandon Dayton reviews this amazing magic-based FPS with 6 (10 upon release) classes and endless playstyles. Harness the power, and destroy anywizard who stands in your way.

Review : Blackguards 2

Brandon Dayton reviews Blackguards 2. Introducing Cassia of Tenos, who will lead the heroes of the previous Blackguards game. Blackguards 2 offers superior 4x strategic fantasy combat with an amazing story.

Review: TRI: Of Friendship And Madness

Brandon takes a look at puzzle platforming at it's finest in TRI: Of Friendship and Madness review. Create platforms and climb walls! Definitely not for squares. Also, how to get it for 33% off details inside!

Review : Apotheon

Brandon Dayton takes a look at Apotheon. A Greek action-adventure peppered with survival elements and lessons on mythology. Shown at PAX Prime 2013, it is now ready for the grand unveiling!