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Review : Infested Planet

Infested Planet is an RTS on a massive scale. Use your five marines to beat back thousands of enemies, while upgrading tech and classes along the way! A true homerun from RocketBear Games. Review by Brandon Dayton.

Review : JumpJet Rex

JumpJet Rex is a speedrunning platformer with an extremely colorful aesthetic, and a ton of amazingly varied levels. You can even customize your dinosaur with hundreds of options. Another sure-fire winner from TreeFortress Games. Review by Brandon Dayton.

Review : Telepath Tactics

A great turn-based RPG where the environment is key to strategy. Absolute gobs of replayability as well as a ton of interesting lore. If you like strategy with a fantasy twist, this game cannot be missed. Review by Brandon Dayton.

Review : Titan Souls

One arrow. One heart. Titan Souls is a game featuring nothing but boss battles that are epic in scale and vary greatly in strategy. Review by Brandon Dayton.

Review : Nightbanes

Brandon Dayton reviews Nightbanes, a free to play strategy card game on Steam releasing today. An army led by a vampire lord along with a largely automated combat system means that Twilight fans are sure to get their fix. Was that subtle enough? You'll probably get it later.

Review : Trapped Dead: Lockdown

Brandon Dayton presents weekend Double-Header reviews for two games published by Headup Games! An action-adventure romp through a zombie-filled city might seems like ground that has been covered a lot, but you I'll bet that you haven't played as an magic-wielding Exorcist in the middle of a zombocalypse.

Review : Hotline Miami 2

Brandon Dayton reviews the neon musical gore-fest that is Hotline Miami 2. Missed the preorder discount? You can get another chance at a 21% off discount courtesy of GamesRocket! Details posted after the review.

Review: The Blue Flamingo

Scrolling shooters date back to the days of arcade cabinets, sticky carpets, and begging parents for one more quarter. They've had a long time...