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Humble Software Bundle: Filmmakers

Get movie-making software like HitFilm Pro, packs from ActionVFX and Triune Digital, music from Filmstro Pro and much more.

The Humble Software Bundle: 2D Animation

Ready to bring your drawings to life? This bundle full of software for 2D animation enables all levels of users to create animations easily!

Humble Software Bundle: Learn Instruments and Design

Looking to pick up a new fun and creative hobby? Or explore your creative design side? This bundle full of awesome software can help!

The Humble Intro to Code Bundle

Get access to online courses on game development, web development, computer vision, machine learning and AI, data science and more.

The Complete Mobile App & Game Development Kit

You don't need to be a coding guru to create your own video games—you just need the right tools. This bundle includes software, assets, & instructions needed to get you started

The Humble Software Bundle: Up Your Game!

Play harder, play faster, play smarter. Step up your fun with the Humble's newest software bundle! Get applications like Camtasia, Snagit, and Superposition Benchmark Advanced Edition

This Week on IGB

Humble Paradox Management Bundle

Humble has bundled a handful of the very best management games from Paradox Interactive, including Cities: Skylines - Industries, Surviving Mars: Digital Deluxe Edition, and Prison Architect!