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Learn How to Make Money With Data With This Beginner Course

If you're not sure what SQL is quiet yet, this course will teach you. Rated 5/5 stars on StackSkills, this comprehensive course will take you through over 42 lectures and 4 hours of content.

The Ultimate SQL Bootcamp Certification Bundle

Manage Tasks & Databases Like a Pro with 6 Courses on SQL Lite, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Rest API, and Oracle SQL. Learning databases is a good way to score a well paid job. Better than flipping burgers!

The Essential Coding for Beginners Bundle

Looking for a good place to start coding? This eLearning bundle offers 5 lessons aimed at total beginners, covering HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and SQL.

Oracle Database 12c Administration Training Bundle

In this course, you'll learn the basics of writing Oracle SQL statements, honing the skills that allow developers, database administrators and end-users to write queries against single and multiple tables, manipulate data in tables and take advantage of Oracle supplied row functions.

IGB Deals: Ultimate SQL Bundle

Why is it beneficial to learn SQL, SQL Server, and Visual Studio? To build applications today, a programmer must know how to combine the power of various technologies to produce next level software.

eduCBA Tech Certification eLearning Bundle

eduCBA Tech Certification Bundle - Earn up to 93 certificates in project management, finance, IT, agile and scrum, data and analytics, quality management, and Microsoft. eduCBA’s courses offer the most pertinent certification topics for techies, like SQL Server Training and Excel, CFP training, SAS Base Programmer trainer, a hacking training course and more

Cyber Security Hacker Training & Certification Bundle 98% OFF

This bundle is the perfect step towards career excellence as it not only teaches you real world hacking techniques, but prepares you to earn the necessary certifications. Broken into 11 courses, the complete training will cover everything from the history of the software development lifestyle to intricate techniques for mitigating attacks.