The Essential Coding for Beginners Bundle

The Essential Coding for Beginners Bundle

Looking for a good place to start coding? This eLearning bundle offers 5 lessons aimed at total beginners:

  1. In order to design your own web page, you’ll need CSS for the design, and HTML for the text wich you can learn in the first lesson, Introduction to HTML.
  2. The second lesson covers SQL – the world’s most widely used programming language for database management, an essential skill for back-end development and data analytics.
  3. PHP is one of the most popular server-side languages, playing a huge role in web development. Learn the basics in the Introduction to PHP lesson.
  4. Introduction to JavaScript will help you use JavaScript in conjunction with HTML and CSS to add interactive, dynamic elements to web pages.
  5. You’ll start with the basics before ultimately applying fundamental design elements to create a beautiful and functional user experience with the Introduction to CSS lesson.

This collection of online courses would normally cost $1,140 but you can get them for just $19 at IGB DEALS. Take note that this bundle will be available to buy for a limited time.


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