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GMG Summer Sale Day 8 Bundles: Valve Complete Pack and free games with purchases!

Buy any of the "Hero" bundles and get a FREE mystery game: Hero deals include Valve Complete Pack, Saints Row The Third: The Full Package, Counterstrike Complete and Bioshock Triple Pack. Hundreds of other titles are also on sale!

Weekend Roundup – New Free HL2 Mods on Steam

Time to fire up the old Gordon Freeman crowbar headcrab removal simulator - Half Life 2 Update is here, plus other free Valve mods on Steam!

GMG: Valve Complete Pack

Who says Valve can't count to 3? Valve Complete Pack comes with 24 of their games, including the awesome Half-Life, Portal, Counter Strike and Left For Dead series! If you don't know why the cake is a lie, you really need to play this. Ends SOON!