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IndieGala Kawaii Novels Bundle

Want to expand your Steam library with half of dozen Visual Novels? Get Detective Kobayashi, Little One and 4 more visual novels for $4.49 total.

IndieGala : Tokyo Anime MEGA Bundle

IndieGala rounds out the end of the week with a Tokyo Anime Mega Bundle. Primarily composed of visual novels, this bundle covers many different genres... Switch bodies with a woman, work in a Tokyo host bar, and hang out with a Catgirl. Preferably not at the bar. Health and Safety, you understand?

Groupees Visual Novel Bundle : Jast USA 2

Groupees returns with the JAST 2 Visual Novel bundle. Whether you are a dedicated manga fan or someone simply looking to dip their toes into the culture, this is a great place to start. The stories are all amazingly varied, and are sure to have at least one book to please members of any audience. Supplies are limited though, so don't hesitate.

Groupees: Manga Gamer

Groupes brings you 6 more visual novels in their new Manga Gamer bundle! Includes Deardrops, Ruby Striker, and more!