Tech Startup Launchpad Course

Tech Startup Launchpad Course – Become Your Own Boss In As Little As 90 Days with This 12 Module Course

Tech Startup Launchpad Course

The tech industry continues to boom, and new opportunities for innovation are constantly arising. Get in on this gold rush and become your own boss with this immersive course in how to build your own startup from the ground up. No experience required – if you’re feeling like a career change, why not create your own career with this entrepreneurial course?

  • Access 12 weekly modules
  • Study at your own pace online 24/7
  • Learn down to earth techniques to understand the foundations of a tech startup
  • Understand how to find your tech niche
  • Discuss business legalities & how to protect yourself
  • Create a winning business plan
  • Discover essential principles, strategies, & tactics to launch your own business in as little as 90 days
  • Receive a startup investment proposal presentation you can use to seek funding from investors

Online courses The Silicon Valley Digital Marketing Institute.

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