The Academy of Game Design Certification Bundle

The Academy of Game Design Certification Bundle

This gamedev bundle focuses on using Inkscape, a free but professional quality vector graphics software to create all kind of game assets, from logos to characters, backgrounds and UI.

Here’s what lessons are included in this eLearning game design bundle:

  • Game Logo Design with Inkscape
  • Craft Your Own 2D Game Backgrounds with Inkscape
  • Create Modular Game Art & Tile Sets for Faster Results
  • Effective Game UI Design with Inkscape
  • Design Your Ultimate 2D Game Characters with Inkscape
  • Dynamic Game Character Animation with DragonBones

You will also learn how to export characters to DragonBones and create well-animated character. Access to all courses in this bundle is unlimited, which means you buy it, it’s yours to keep forever!

The Academy of Game Design Certification Bundle is available at IGB DEALS for a limited time.

And when you make a game, send us a copy, yeah?

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