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The Learn Game Design Certification Bundle

With 7 courses, The Learn Game Design Certification Bundle will give you a step by step tutorial on learning how to create characters, environments, UI, 2D Isometric Art, plus more, in Unity & C#

The Academy of Game Design Certification Bundle

This gamedev bundle focuses on using Inkscape, a free but professional quality vector graphics software to create all kind of game assets, from logos to characters, backgrounds and UI.

The Humble Book Bundle: Computer Productivity & Coding

Learn Classic Game Design plus Cloud Computing Basics, Microsoft Excel 2019 Programming with VBA, XML, and ASP and more

School of Game Design: Lifetime Membership

Are you serious about becoming a game designer? Then join the thousands students around the world who are already making amazing games with the School of Game Design.

Mega Game Design Bundle

Contrary to popular belief, creating a game doesn’t have to be tedious and time-consuming. Access a wide array of essential game design assets—sprites, graphical user interfaces (GUIs), and more—to easily craft an engaging game without creating everything from scratch.

Udemy: Name Your Own Price Game Design Bundle

Name Your Own Price and kick-start your game creation career with 115+ hours of pro game design and development training with IGB Deal's hottest e-learning bundle

IGB Deals : Game Design and Animation Training

Game Design and Animation is a fantastic way for aspiring game designers to make their vision a reality. Don't sit around considering what you'd do if you had a team for video game design and animation, you can get started for yourself with this fantastic offer from IGB Deals!

The Game, App & Web Design Bundle

Become a Versatile, In-Demand Designer with 70+ Hours of Elite Online Training. This bundle includes lessons on Web Design, App Design, Game Design and Basic WordPress.