The Complete 2020 Learn Linux Bundle

The Complete 2020 Learn Linux Bundle

So what’s Linux all about? Discover and understand both beginner and more advanced aspects of Linux in this amazing collection of courses:

  • Linux for Beginners  is a technical skills course designed to introduce new users to the Linux operating system. This course is intended for users who are interested in learning about Linux but have no previous exposure to the operating system.
  • Linux in the Cloud series focuses on implementing the Linux operating system in a virtualized environment. Companies are relying less and less on dedicated hardware and are instead turning to shared hardware to optimize resource utilization and increase deployment flexibility. The hosts demonstrate virtualizing Linux using technologies like KVM and Docker as well as public cloud deployments using Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure.
  • Linux Security Techniques is a 22 lecture series that introduces the viewers to the various security features found in modern Linux distributions. Topics covered include data encryption, auditing access, SELinux, and firewall configuration among others. The series also lightly covers penetration testing to ensure that each security technique is implemented properly.
  • Becoming a Linux System Admin – Linux is one of the most important pieces of software code existing today that is powering some of the biggest companies on earth. Since it is open-source, it is always updated, secure, and can be configured as per the individual needs of any organization. This course in Linux advanced features trains you to take up increasingly important roles in the corporate world.
  • Becoming a Linux Power User – is a technical skills course designed to elevate viewers to “Power User” status. Linux provides a very robust and powerful platform that enables users to achieve great things. Unfortunately, most users only scratch the surface of what Linux is capable of. This series explores some of the more powerful functions hidden away behind the graphical user interface.
  • … and 7 more lectures, collecting 110+ hours of content you need to become a Linux wizard

The Complete 2020 Learn Linux Bundle is available at IGB DEALS.

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