The Complete 2020 MBA Hacker Bundle

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Acquiring essential management skills can be an enormous help in furthering your career. Even if you do eventually decide to pursue an MBA, already having the core knowledge will almost certainly make your classes much easier to navigate.

Before investing thousands of dollars, and years of your life, look at what you can learn from The Complete 2020 MBA Hacker Bundle. A bargain at $39.99, you get over 39 hours of vital information that you can absorb at your own pace. Here is just some of what it includes:

Lean Process Management & Leadership Skills Masterclass

This course was created for the complete novice. It will provide you with the core skills of good management, teach you the techniques and tools of how to influence those around you in order to deliver results, as well help you to become a data-guided manager.

Corporate Leadership & People Management

Once you have the basics, go on to learn how to motivate your team to follow a specific vision and strategy.

MBA Short Course On Strategy

Learn how senior executives think. You will find out exactly what strategy is, understand its role in achieving success, all about strategic fit and frameworks.

Accounting Courses

Managers need to know about money, and this bundle contains 3 separate courses on basic accounting, business accounting and management accounting. Starting at the beginners level and moving all the way into professional bookkeeping, you will learn about income statements, cash flow, break-even analysis and so much more.

Marketing Courses

In multiple courses, you will learn all about marketing strategy and how to create a no-nonsense marketing plan, including keeping your team on the right tasks at the right time.

With all of this, and more, the bundle usually retails for $2,189. But you can buy it now at a 98% discount, for just $39.99 at IGB DEALS

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