The Dynamic DevOps Certification Training Bundle

The ultimate DevOps training bundle contains 47 Hours of Content on GIT, Ansible, AWS, Agile, and more

The Dynamic DevOps Certification Training Bundle

Developing software can be a lucrative career and in a nearly exclusively digital world, IT operations are crucial to things running smoothly. DevOps engineers combine both sets of skills and are responsible for building, automating, and setting up development tools and infrastructure for speedy software processes.

The Dynamic DevOps Certification Training Bundle is a nine course series that walks you through Docker, Puppet, Ansible. GIT, Agile, and AWS. On sale for $39 — marked down 98 percent from $2500 — this bundle is perfect for anyone in software development or IT operations.

System Developers, project managers, data analysts, testers, junior data scientists, analytics professionals, BI and reporting professionals, or even anyone who wants to build a career in DevOps certification training can benefit greatly from these nine courses for only $39.

The bundle includes a wide scope of information including DevOps tools and methodologies as seen in the DevOps Training Certification Course or how to automate your IT infrastructure across an entire network thats covered in the Puppet Training Certification Course. The Docker in Depth Training Course is the best learning experience for Docker technologies like Docker Compose, DockerHub, Docker Swarm, and Docker Containers.

Learn how to increase team productivity and improve business outcomes with the Ansible 2.0 Training course. Understand the basics of Git and how to set it up in your system with the GIT Training Certification Training Course. Discover the most popular Agile project management methodology with the Agile Scrum Master Certification Training course.

Finally, this bundle for $39 helps you attain valuable technical expertise in deploying, managing, and operating fault-tolerant systems on AWS; become fully proficient in identifying AWS terminologies, concepts, benefits, and deployment options; and then master solutions architect and architectural principles through a series of AWS training courses.


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The Dynamic DevOps Certification Training Bundle – $39

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