The Essential NordVPN & Password Manager Bundle (75% off)

The Essential NordVPN & Password Manager Bundle

If your personal data gets hacked, identity theft is just one of many ways that you could be vulnerable. Your finances, possibly even your personal safety, could be at risk. There’s no reason to take chances when it’s so easy to browse privately and use encrypted passwords. The Essential NordVPN & Password Manager 2-Year Subscription Bundle will uncomplicate your digital life and keep you safe for the next two years.


A VPN is an absolute necessity when using public Wi-Fi networks or hotspots. It’s the only way to keep your data safe. It’s also a good way to access content that might not be available in your location. NordVPN offers a few advantages over other brands.

  • High Speeds – Many VPNs, particularly free packages, will slow your connection speed, but NordVPN provides connections fast enough to enjoy instant video access.
  • Double Encryption – NordVPN uses double data SSL-based 2048-bit encryption, so you may remain completely anonymous and none of your online activity is recorded.
  • Worldwide Servers – Use any of 5,508 server locations in 59 different countries.

CNET recently called NordVPN “An encryption powerhouse with the best VPN bang for your buck”.

NordPass Premium

You don’t have to worry about hacking, phishing or any other threats. NordPass Premium will also take all of the stress out of trying to remember your various passwords. It is built on the absolute latest encryption algorithm, and to ensure the highest safety for your data, it will:

Remember your passwords and autosave them in a digital vault that will sync across all the platforms and devices you use.

  • Generate strong passwords when necessary.
  • Autofill online forms.
  • Employ a master password, backups, two-factor authentication and more.

TechRadar says, “Whatever platform you’re using, NordPass gives you all the core functions you’d expect.”

The Essential NordVPN & Password Manager 2-Year Subscription Bundle offers the top-of-the-line protection you need, and you can get it right now at a 75% discount off the regular $406 price, for only $99.

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