The Google Analytics Master Class Bundle

The Google Analytics Master Class Bundle

Google Analytics can be an incredibly helpful tool for anyone running a website or an ecommerce business. While the basics may be easy enough to learn, if you’re struggling to analyze data on Google Analytics at a more in-depth level, you’ve come to the right place. Take your Google Analytics knowledge to the next level and bring ultimate success to your business with The Google Analytics Master Class Bundle

This course bundle features five extensive analytics courses that allow you to monitor your site’s growth and traffic better by using Google Analytics tools, Data Studio, SEO, and so much more. With one course focusing exclusively on helping you to gain your Google Analytics Certification, you’ll be well equipped to tackle the industry-recognized certification in a comprehensive way. Each course will bring real-world examples and techniques that will help you explore Google Analytics and master its greatest features. If you have a background in marketing or sales, the “Marketing Analytics in Google Data Studio” helps you navigate both marketing and analytics by using data to make informed marketing decisions. 

Taught by a range of highly-rated instructors, including Daragh Walsh, a Google Certified Marketer, you’ll be able to learn from the experts. Walsh has earned himself 4.4 out of 5 stars across over 9,000 student reviews and has worked with large corporations, such as Amazon, Hertz, and more. All the instructors provide clear, easy-to-digest information for students at all levels, and bring forth valuable lessons that help you grow your business.

This fully-updated Google Analytics master class bundle is both affordable and practical, and will bring a fountain of knowledge to help your brand thrive well into 2021.


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The Google Analytics Master Class Bundle – $34.99

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