The Humble Europa Universalis IV Complete Bundle

The Humble Europa Universalis IV Complete Bundle just launched on March 23rd and will be live through April 13th 2022.

The Humble Europa Universalis IV Bundle

Master the arts of war, diplomacy, and trade over centuries of history in Paradox Interactive’s landmark grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV!

Pay $1 to get Europa Universalis IV base game. Pay more to get up to additional 32 DLC packs!

This bundle features the acclaimed core game and more than 30 add-ons that span the game’s own rich history—every Expansion, Content Pack, and Immersion Pack through 2021’s Leviathan, the Ultimate Unit Pack & Ultimate Music Pack, plus a discount on the most recent Immersion Pack, Origins.

Discover one of the most detailed historical strategy games ever made (or complete your collection!), and help support World Central Kitchen with your purchase!

Normally, the total cost for the games in this bundle is as much as $376.

The Humble Europa Universalis IV Complete Bundle is available here

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