The Humble Hooked on Multiplayer 2018 Bundle

Leeloo Dallas Multiplayer. You’ll be in your element with this bundle of multiplayer games! Get Rocket League, Besiege, Stick Fight: The Game, Tumblestone, and more.

The Humble Hooked on Multiplayer 2018 Bundle

TIER 1: Pay $1 or more to get Stick Fight: The Game, Rampage Knights and Tumblestone

TIER 2: Beat the average price and also get Besiege, Duck Game and Hover

TIER 3: The top tier costs $14 and it includes all the games from the first two tiers, plus Rocket League and $2 back in Humble wallet for Humble Monthly Subscribers

Buy The Humble Hooked on Multiplayer 2018 Bundle here 

In other Humble news, if you subscribe to next months Humble Monthly Bundle for June 2018, you’ll get DESTINY 2 as an early unlock right away, and the rest of the mystery games once the bundle is revealed.destiny2

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