The Humble Software Bundle: RPG Maker Resurgence

The Humble Software Bundle: RPG Maker Resurgence just launched on Thursday, June 30th and will be live through Thursday, July 21st 2022.

Build the fantasy JRPG, sprawling sci-fi saga, or whatever role-playing tale you can imagine with RPG Maker, the powerful and easy-to-use game-making engine!

Get five different versions to suit your needs, skill level, and vision, including RPG Maker XP, 2003, MV, VX, and VX Ace. Then get to work designing your dream game with a versatile collection of characters, monsters, environments, and more ready-to-use assets. Craft your own legend, and support AbleGamers with your purchase!

The Humble Software Bundle: RPG Maker Resurgence

TIER 1: Pay $1 or more to get RPG Maker VX Ace, RPG Maker VX Ace Dark Hero Character Pack, Fantastic Buildings Medieval, Wild West Music Variety Pack and 35% off coupon.

Besides the $1 tier, this bundle features 3 more tiers full of RPG Maker games, assets and other goodies. Check out the whole HUGE list of titles over at Humble Bundle:

Buy The Humble Software Bundle: RPG Maker Resurgence here

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