10000 Random Steam Keys Giveaway


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We’re giving away a total of 10.000 keys for the following games:

  • An Imp? A Fiend
  • Overcast – Walden and the Werewolf
  • Eron
  • New Kind of Adventure
  • Power-Up
  • Rush Delta Z
  • GunWorld
  • Hyper Rogue
  • samurai_jazz
  • Space Robot Samurai Zombie Slayer
  • They Breathe
  • Unheard Screams – King Leopold II’s Rule Over The Kongo
  • You Are Not a Banana
  • Dead Bits
  • Particula

Random Indie Game Giveaway (10000 Steam Keys)

Did you get your coupon? OK, here’s how you redeem your Steam key:

  • Go to HRK Game
  • Log in with Steam
  • Click at “REDEEM” at the top of the screen
  • Enter the coupon you got in the widget above (IMPORTANT – CHECK IF THERE ARE NO EMPTY SPACES BEFORE AND AFTER YOU COPY THE CODE)
  • Click Redeem
  • You will get a message that you got 1 random key, click REDEEM again and that’s it

Thanks for playing and we hope you enjoy your free Steam game!

  • Guilherme Pereira

    Invalid product code. 🙁

  • zed

    Did only I get wrong Key?

  • zed


  • Toby Tentakel

    you won’t get steam keys directly, you have ro register on the hrk site and enter the code there, then it will be transformed into a steam key

  • Naomi Koster

  • Milton Yosou

    I get an error when I submit the code…


    Something went wrong. Please try again. If problem persists please contact Support.”

  • Tailz

    all Overcast – Walden and the Werewolf, nice try

  • Yes, the code you get in the widget is a coupon for a free random key you can redeem at HRK. Hope I managed to explain all in the article and sorry if it’s a bit confusing 🙂

  • Please read the description on how to redeem, works 100%, tested.

  • Did you redeem the coupon on HRK?

  • XKrieg

    Invalid product code. And yes, I’ve checked if there’s space before or after the code.

  • XKrieg

    nvm I’m blind.

  • Jean R. Martins

    Dead Bits 🙁

  • Check out the announcement in our Steam group, several people there got Rush Delta Z or other games so maybe you can trade?

  • Mesmerized_

    you game me a used key…

  • Sutu Cosmin Mitus

    what key? type it here

  • Сергей Никоненко

    i have not working key

  • Iam Oak Cruz

    I got my key already activated and then checked my email and it says: Thank you for your recent purchase on Hot Random Keys. $2.00 USD. wow, I never bought anything nor want my steam founds reduced because I don’t want the game it stated it was free, why they charged me 2.00?

  • Sutu Cosmin Mitus

    what key? give it to me

  • Viktor Coric

    I’ve got used HRK code. Thanks,Obama.

  • Dexter Fourzan

    Same here. “something went wrong. Please Try again… etc”. Followed the instructions to the letter. Maybe servers are overflowing or something.

  • Lidia Mielcarek

    My code to steam is bad. Why?

  • Neptunium

    i got a key thank you

  • Lidia Mielcarek

    Ok, now is good. I made a mistake.

  • Neptunium

    because you got a code to a key and the key costs 2$ you don’t need to pay and you must pay with g2a money so you don’t need to worry about reduced money on your steam account

  • They didn’t charge you, that’s just the value of the key and it always says that in the mail. If you check your bank statement or whatever you’re using, you’ll see they didn’t charge anything.

  • Сергей Никоненко


  • You’re welcome! 🙂

  • Hi Viktor, sorry to hear that, can you contact HRK support and they’ll replace your code with a new one?

  • Dario

    Invalid code

  • ahmed

    I got overcast and I have it someone want to trade it with
    power up
    you are not a banana
    over the kongo
    they breathe
    samurai jazz

  • Neptunium

    if someone is stupid enough to believe all the codes they are giving out is steam keys they can’t read

  • Neptunium

    i got eron ,but i have overcast too XD

  • People 1

    the key does not work

  • Sutu Cosmin Mitus

    type it here

  • Sutu Cosmin Mitus

    type it here 🙂

  • Neptunium

    why are you trying to get other people to type the codes they get?

  • Sutu Cosmin Mitus

    i want to try them

  • Neptunium

    why do a not find the game
    Over The Kongo on steam?

  • Neptunium


  • Sorry, this is the full name, our bad: http://store.steampowered.com/app/365080/


    ok its work

  • ice99

    wrong code!

  • ice99

    Invalid code!

  • Neptunium

    thank you

  • ridk

    Invalid code

  • dasd

    I have Particula for your Eron? 😛

  • FreeKey98

    LZ340-ZDWXB-CGZGF free key for who ever wants it for Overcast

  • Neptunium

    got that game too

  • Neptunium


  • Viktor Coric

    Thank you for reply.
    It turns out there is no need. I’ve checked my email saying that there’s new game in my library.
    I log in HRK and check the library,and it was empty. After I opened up inventory,there was a message that code was successfully redeemed. I opened library once again and there was it.
    A little bit complicated,but it turned out well. 🙂

  • Сергей Никоненко

    Someone, anyone?

  • Артем Мишин

    I cant to “complete your sign up”, when i press “redeem”, i need to sign up and always fail with user name or something, but i sign up with steam, no effect…

  • Виктор Журов

    Cant see button REDEEM
    Can some 1 screen for me?)

  • Tommy Kou

    Invalid code

  • Артем Мишин

    у меня даже авторизация не выходит в этом ебаном hrk

  • Виктор Журов

    Пришлось зарегистрироваться в упор не вижу кнопку…..

  • Masharko

    How do I redeem my code? I can’t find where to enter my code on the HRK site. Could someone help me please? 🙂

  • Simon Koren Kralj

    An error occurred while processing your request.

    Reference #97.112c1ab8.1445112174.654

  • It says REDEEM on the top of the HRK Game page. Up there, in the top menu.

  • kopman

    couldn’t you people just have done different giveaways because people will now get games they already have and that only causes less people getting keys

  • kopman

    and why is there particula a game which is being given away at the moment

  • I’m sorry if giving away 10000 games is not good enough for you. We’ll try harder next time! :)))) We do what we can, we did this one now and we’re planning new giveaways soon with some games that were never free before, if that’s what you’re saying. Stay tuned!

  • If you get an extra copy, send it to your friend!

  • Gian Michel

    cool get dead bits,already have!

  • Nimbu

    por gay

  • Reece Hodge

    After a lot of struggle with chrome and trying to sign in with steam and stuff and other errors.. I finally get my key… lolz I got Dead Bits.. OTL Anyone wish to trade for something else? I already have it lolz..

  • DaiTkrai

    Invalid product code, thanks anyway.

  • AlphaNMC ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Doesn’t work, my key is 67GI3-7KZ34-516TB-PFNTD , I enter it and it’s doesn’t work :/

  • Sarah

    how to get the code? :/

  • Dudeplease

    how do u redem steam code after? the one that comes from a picture? its invalid?

  • YesName

    Invalid code.

  • Damian

    Go to HRK Game
    Log in with Steam
    Click at “REDEEM” at the top of the screen
    Enter the coupon you got in the widget above (IMPORTANT – CHECK IF THERE ARE NO EMPTY SPACES BEFORE AND AFTER YOU COPY THE CODE)
    Click Redeem
    You will get a message that you got 1 random key, click REDEEM again and that’s it

  • Jovahn Winnfield

    Added it to my inventory, but don’t see how to register it on steam. It tells me How to register A game on steam, but doen’t give me the number to register the game, so it is just sitting there in my inventory…

  • OmC

    damn partucula xD who got another game and wants to trade?

  • ExileVisionz

    i tried redeeming my coupon code and it gives me a error.

  • alecs

    no valide Product code

  • SonicQuack

    I imagine quite a few of us got that. Ah well, it was free 🙂

  • Reece Hodge

    So once I got dead bits game, I asked 2 friends to go do it so I could trade with them… They both got Dead Bits…. lmao Is everyone just getting Dead Bits from now? xD

  • Andi Gogo

    A lot of people are getting duplicate codes. Including me! I want my An Imp? A fiend key right now

  • Sylvain Dumelon

    I can’t to “complete your sign up”, when i press “redeem”, i need to sign
    up and always fail with first name “Please correct the errors below”

  • Jj Anime

    got Particula, anyone wanna trade?

  • Юра

    Hey, you give me wrong code, WTF???

  • StealthyThief

    Thank You!

  • Gerald Nekro G Smith

    i got a code is invalid

  • Ben

    Product code not valid. wow ! what a giveaway for non valid keys ! …

  • Everyone that can’t figure out how to redeem the key, please READ THE DESCRIPTION IN THE ARTICLE.

  • Carapa Ololoew

    give me code? e-mail: ivonin02@bk.ru

  • Slava Kusov

    keys please


    please send me some codes.e-mail:giorgi-20000@mail.ru