Pay What You Want : 2016 Macintosh Bundle

Pay What You Want : 2016 Macintosh Bundle

The following programs are included in this Macintosh Bundle. You can get your own Macintosh bundle from IGB by naming your own price now! These 12 Macintosh bundle programs are a necessity for the tech-savvy world of today.

  • Flip PDF For Mac

Flip PDF for Mac is a powerful tool that allows users to easily convert ordinary PDF files into mobile-friendly digital flipbooks. This robust publishing software will prove invaluable to designers, publishers, advertisers, and entrepreneurs alike—anyone who seeks to create polished and engaging publications for online distribution.

  • RapidWeaver 6

RapidWeaver 6 is the all-in-one solution for designing HTML and CSS-based websites on your Mac, no programming experience required. Take advantage of the expansive theme library, choose from the plethora of exclusive plug-ins, and see why RapidWeaver is one of the most widely-used WYSIWYG website builders on the market today.

  • Mac Blu-ray Player

Got a stack of Blu-rays collecting dust in your room? Using Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player, you’ll finally be able to play them—as well as any DVDs or a number of different media files—in 1080p HD quality. With the ability to run efficiently without straining your CPU, as well as support for subtitles and online video playback, this premium app will allow you to take your media consumption game to the next level.

  • Elite Keylogger Pro

If you share your Mac with other people and want the lowdown on how they use it, you need Elite Keylogger Pro. The premier personal monitoring software for Mac, Elite Keylogger Pro will help you safeguard usage of your home or office computer, protect your loved ones and co-workers from online threats, and ensure you know exactly what’s occurring on your device at all times.

  • Focused

Got dreams of writing the next blockbuster book series? Focused is your secret weapon. This powerful markdown writing app will refine your focus and boost your productivity, allowing you to produce the premium content you’ve long procrastinated upon. From a handy Auto Save feature to its Zen and Typewriter Modes, you’ll find Focused an indispensable part of your writing toolbox—and possibly the key to lighting up the New York Times best-seller list in no time.

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  • Hear

If you’re an audiophile who loves clear, quality sound, you might think it all relies on the quality of your output device. Though true to some extent, it’s often not the device that makes your songs sound great, but the equalization of the sound itself. That’s why you need Hear—the premium sound enhancement software that will enhance anything you hear on your Mac. With tons of built-in presets, effects, and sound customization options, you’ll never listen to your music, movies, or games the same way again.

  • Elmedia Player PRO For Mac

Streaming video and audio straight from the Web is today’s norm, but sometimes the convenience can mean a loss in quality. Elmedia Player Pro smooths out your video quality and blocks our noisy ads for an ideal online viewing experience. Snag the pro version and benefit from useful features like downloading YouTube videos, playing any video or audio format directly on your Mac, and more—easily taking your video viewing experience to new heights.

  • Boom 2

Meet Boom 2, a powerhouse of an audio-boosting app. Not only does Boom 2 allow you to increase audio volume, but it also helps equalize your audio—ensuring your sound is not just audible but also crystal-clear. You’ll also be able to apply special effects to your sound and remotely control your Mac’s audio using an accompanying iOS app, taking your listening experience to previously uncharted heights.

  • Unclutter for Mac

Think of Unclutter as a digital bulletin board for your desktop—a single place you can drop and easily access notes, files, and pasteboard clips. On top of that, this premium app offers rich array of features ranging from the Clipboard feature’s copy-and-pasting tracker to auto-syncing of your files in shared folders across all Macs. Accessible in just one gesture and intuitive to use, Unclutter will become such an indispensable part of your computing routine that you’ll wonder how ever you lived without it.

  • Disk Expert

Disk Expert is your go-to app for keeping your hard drive clean and organized, and your Mac running as fast as ever. This premium app does it all, scanning your disk space and helping you identify files to delete—allowing you to clear up space on your computer and ensure it’s performing at its best.

  • CleanExit

Simply reformatting your Mac isn’t enough to erase all of its sensitive data, making it an easy target for hackers. Protect your passwords, login data, and more using CleanExit, the be-all, end-all solution for permanently erasing anything and everything on your hard drive. You’ll be able to sell or discard your device without worrying about miscreants going to town on your private information, giving you the peace of mind and security you deserve.

  • Airy YouTube Downloader

Ever want to watch your favorite YouTube videos without waiting for them to buffer or having to connect to the Web? Check out Airy, a premium YouTube downloader for Mac that saves videos to your computer for easy access. Whether you’re starting a collection of your favorite videos to view on your desktop, or extracting MP3s to take your favorite media on the go, we think you’ll agree: the versatility that Airy provides is unbeatable.

Pay what you want for a collection of extremely useful Macintosh bundle programs!

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