Best New Free Games on Steam (September 2023)

Check out the best free games on Steam released this month! Get your own anime pet lady in VPet-Simulator, fight Wolverine and Magneto in Marvel Snap, just hit the button in Just Hit The Button – and more free Steam games, all with Very Positive and Overwhelmingly Positive reviews!

Best New Free Games on Steam (September 2023)

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I’ve rummaged through ton of bad games on Steam to find a few of them released in August and September 2023 that look really fun and worth playing. In no particular order, I present the best free games on Steam worth a download:


VPet-Simulator is a mod-supported desktop pet software game featuring a cute anime girl. Plus, the game is open source so if you can code you can make any changes you want. Check out why this game has Overwhelmingly Positive reviews on Steam. 

Little Man Has A Day

A true feel good casual game. Play as Little Man and help him through the day by walking around and talking to friends (or foes) in this short and silly game about feeling ‘eh’.

Little Man Has A Day is permanently free on Steam (and it has Overwhelmingly Positive reviews).

Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap is a winner of multiple awards like ‘Best Strategy Game’ and ‘Breakthrough Game of the Year,’. While this fun game may be best suited to play on your phone while you’re waiting for a bus you can also grab it on Steam for free!

Just Hit The Button

How hard can it be to Just Hit The Button? There will be a unique challenge along the way. Also it’s a pretty short game with 30 levels you can beat in around 10 minutes total. Grab this indie game for free on Steam.


Wolvesville is a multiplayer game for up to 16 players. Each game has different teams such as villagers or werewolves all fighting to be the last team standing. Use special abilities to uncover the roles of other players and convince your fellow players to work with you.

If you like social deduction games like Secret Hitler and Werewolf, check out this great little free game on Steam.

White Middle Class Guy Simulator

White Middle Class Guy Simulator is the most boring game ever made so we just have to recommend it. In this very short game you will experience a very typical mundane day of a completely average white middle class guy. There’s nothing more to it, that’s literally it. If you need a break from all the exciting and fun games, check out this ridiculously boring game for free on Steam.

Arrow A Row

Someone made a real game from all those fake ads you see on your phone – Arrow a row, a game in which you shoot arrows (of course) in a row! Arrow A Row is a great free game and it has overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam.

Come back next month for more free games on Steam worth playing. In the meantime, check out our “freebies” category and see what premium games you can get for free at the moment.

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