Mass Effect 2 is FREE

EDIT 2: It’s FREE! Go here to claim it!

EDIT: This has ended with no Mass Effect 2 for free (for now). Whoever managed to get it when it was temporarily free, congrats! We’ll keep you updated if it does get free! AAAA

Bioware 5 days of Freebies is about to start today, with 5 mystery items and games being given away for free! The only one that leaked so far is Mass Effect 2 for Origin which will be free one of the following days!


We’ll update the article once we get more information, so stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed for some epic freebies!

EDIT: Day one freebie is just a “RT for a chance to win” plush Krogan doll. Hmmm. Mass Effect 2 was leaked early so we’re gonna update the article when it becomes free again. As for the other prizes, don’t expect much.

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