Bundle Stars Borderlands Sale

Bundle Stars Borderlands Sale is live as a part of all-week long 2K sale, with new sales every day – starting with the Borderlands series!

Bundle Stars Borderlands Sale


Some sale highlights (Steam keys):

  • Borderlands GOTY (75% off)
  • Borderlands 2 GOTY (75% off)
  • Borderlands The Pre-Sequel (65% off)
  • Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Season Pass (50% off)
  • Various Pre-Sequel DLC packs (50% off)

Browse the whole 2K Borderlands sale at Bundle Stars


Also, it’s the last chance to get the remaining Bundle Stars Bundle Fest bundles – some ending in a few hours, some in a few days:

  • Batman Arkham Knight Bundle
  • Indie Legends 4 Bundle Reloaded
  • Kalypso Pick & Mix Bundle
  • Forever Entertainment Pick & Mix Bundle
  • Lord of the Fallen Complete Bundle

Check them all out here

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