Bundle Stars: Destiny Bundle

Commando Jack is a Tower Defence game that actually allows you to sit inside the turret and come face-to-face with the enemies! Battleplan: American Civil War is a top-down real time/turn-based hybrid strategy game. Take command of either Confederate or Union troops and fight your way through ten of the American Civil War’s most famous battles.

Need something more peaceful? Try Zoo Park and care for over 40 different animals from all four corners of the Earth whilst running a professional programme of rescue, rehabilitation, research and conservation.

Or dating this girl:


Destiny Bundle includes:

  • FATE: The Traitor Soul
  • Haegemonia Double Pack
  • Post Master
  • Commando Jack
  • Battleplan: American Civil War
  • Warring States Tactics
  • Zoo Park
  • Nicole (Otome Version) Deluxe Edition

Get it over at Bundle Stars.

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