Bundle Stars Dollar Monster Bundle (50 Steam games for $1)

Want a whopping FIFTY Steam keys at a frankly ridiculous 99% off the normal price? You’re in the right place! Grab this mega bundle of devilish games while stocks last!

Bundle Stars Dollar Monster Bundle (50 Steam games for $1)

Bundle Stars Dollar Monster Bundle includes many games you’ve seen in indie bundles and free key giveaways before, but if you’re missing a lot of them, you can’t go wrong with this 50 Steam games for a buck deal.

Includes titles such as Pressured, Pixel Puzzles series, True Bliss, Speed Kills, Soulbringer, Agent Awesome and much more.

Grab it, or 32 other bundles available during the BundleFest over at Bundle Stars

You can also check out all other bundles by Bundle Stars here or all active game bundles right here. Enjoy!

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