Bundle Stars: Dungeons & Demons Bundle

Become the greatest Dungeon Lord with the Dungeons & Demons Bundle!

In Dungeons 2, fulfil the Dungeon Lord’s insatiable quest for vengeance by recruiting fearsome new monsters from all corners of the underworld in order to undertake his evil bidding.

Dungeons Steam Special Edition includes an exclusive extra mission, all new maps to play in sandbox mode and a variety of unique prestige items to customize your dungeon.

Dungeons: Into The Dark DLC contains Heart Into the Dark, the new campaign map Flowerdale, in which players have to deal with with ever new waves of heroes. The pack also includes ten new maps for the game modes survival, soul survival, sandbox and amusement and twenty new prestige items.

Dungeons: Map Pack DLC delivers 50 new maps and 5 new wallpapers.

Dungeons: The Dark Lord is the sequel to Dungeons, the game where the more evil you are, the better! There are a slew of exciting new features, including four-player multiplayer in four modes!

DARK is a unique stealth-action game with RPG elements in which you take on the role of the ultimate hunter: a vampire.

The Dark Eye – Demonicon is a thrilling action-RPG set in the extraordinarily popular universe of “The Dark Eye”, a richly crafted fantasy world beloved by fantasy gamers across the globe.

Dungeons & Demons Bundle includes:

  • Dungeons 2
  • Dungeons Steam Special Edition
  • Dungeons: Into The Dark DLC
  • Dungeons: Map Pack DLC
  • Dungeons: The Dark Lord
  • DARK
  • Demonicon: The Dark Eye

Get your own Dungeons & Demons Bundle over at Bundle Stars!

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