Bundle Stars: Frontline Tactics Complete Bundle

Frontline Tactics is a contemporary take on the TBS genre with cross platform multiplayer over PC, Mac and iOS devices. The game lets you command your own war unit through different set of missions: from defending and controlling a territory or all out assault.┬áDuring the course of the game you’ll get to equip your soldiers with latest weapons, armor and other equipment.

This bundle includes base game plus 9 DLC packs.

Frontline Tactics bundle includes:

  • Frontline Tactics
  • Close Quarter Combat
  • Desert Camo DLC
  • Golden Gun DLC
  • Medic DLC
  • Ninja DLC
  • Sniper DLC
  • Snow Camo DLC
  • Tiger Camo DLC
  • Woodland DLC

Get it over at Bundle Stars.

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