Bundle Stars Grand Master Bundle

Bundle Stars Grand Master Bundle – Become a Strategy Grand Master with the brand new Steam bundle!

Pick your tier and rule the battlefield with up to 17 Steam games and DLC, saving 98%.

strategy game bundle

Please choose your tier carefully as you won’t be able to upgrade at a later date.

Tier 1 – pay at least 2.49 EUR to get:

  • Alea Jacta Est
  • Alea Jacta Est DLC PACK
  • Pride of Nations
  • Pride of Nations DLC PACK

Tier 2 – pay at least 4.89 EUR to also get:

  • Civil War II
  • Civil War II DLC
  • Revolution Under Siege Gold
  • Rise of Prussia Gold

Tier 3 – pay at least 6.69 EUR to also get:

  • To End All Wars + DLC
  • Thirty Years War


This absolutely huge PC Strategy game bundle is available over at Bundle Stars for a limited time!

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