Bundle Stars Hidden Gems Bundle 4

Bundle Stars Hidden Gems Bundle 4 returns with a pocketful of games that I haven’t had the pleasure of playing yet. There are quite a few that look like they hold some promise though!

Let’s see what Bundle Stars have to say about this bundle:

“We scoured the depths of Steam and found some absolute treasures. So we picked 10 of them, and put them in the brand new Hidden Gems Bundle! Dominate the opposition in physics altering arena FPS Nexuiz, take on twitch runner Blitz Breaker where you can’t actually run and race a bit with the hugely customisable retro racer Race.a.bit. Plus grab seven more hidden Steam gems, saving you a massive 96%!”

Bundle Stars Hidden Gems Bundle 4

Pay $2.49 to get the following Steam games:
  • Nexuiz (Windows)
  • Blitz Breaker (Windows) tradingcard
  • Race a bit (Windows/Mac/Linux) tradingcard
  • Tank Brawl (Windows)
  • Collider (Windows/Mac/Linux)
  • Envoy (Windows) tradingcard
  • Ultimate Arena (Windows) tradingcard
  • Rooms: The Main Building (Windows/Mac) tradingcard
  • Crystal Chip Collector (Windows) tradingcard
  • SWR JST DX Selective Memory Erase Effect (Windows) tradingcard

7 of them come with Steam Trading cards, which is great news for anyone that’s obsessed with TC’s like us 🙂

Get it over at Bundle Stars for $2.49

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