Bundle Stars Mighty Sims Bundle

Grab a boatload of super Steam simulators at rock bottom prices with the new Bundle Stars Mighty Sims Bundle! From titanic ocean journeys to emergency rescue missions, save 98% and get your ticket to a world of simulators!

Bundle Stars Mighty Sims Bundle


In this Sim themed PC Bundle you’ll find the following titles for $3.49 total:

  • TransOcean: The Shipping Company
  • DIG IT! – A Digger Simulator
  • Firefighters 2014
  • Ropeway Simulator 2014
  • Bus-Simulator 2012
  • Airport Firefighters – The Simulation
  • Rescue – Everyday Heroes
  • Roadside Assistance Simulator
  • Logistics Company

All games activate on Steam. This bundle will last for 14 days. Get it at Bundle Stars

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