Bundle Stars PixelJam Bundle

Bundle Stars PixelJam Bundle – 5 STEAM GAMES FROM OUT OF THIS WORLD! Pick your tier and get up to 5 games and 4 DLC in the brand new Pixeljam Bundle. Please choose your tier carefully as you won’t be able to upgrade later.

Bundle Stars PixelJam Bundle

TIER 1: Pay at least €2.29 to get:

  • Potatoman Seeks The Troof
  • Potatoman Seeks The Troof Soundtrack DLC
  • Glorkian Warrior: The Trials Of Glork
  • Glorkian Warrior: The Trials Of Glork Soundtrack DLC
  • Last Horizon
  • Last Horizon Soundtrack DLC

TIER 1: Pay at least €3.39 to also get:

  • Dino Run DX
  • Dino Run DX OST DLC
  • Gamma Bros 1.5

All games and DLC activate on Steam. Ends November 25th.

Buy the Bundle Stars PixelJam Bundle here

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