Bundle Stars Pure VR Bundle 2

The Next Level of Gaming! Save big on 10 immersive experiences in the Bundle Stars Pure VR Bundle 2  for a limited time only!

Bundle Stars Pure VR Bundle 2

TIER 1: Pay €5.49 to get all 10 VR games in this game bundle:

  • VRog
  • Just VR Slingshot Target Practice
  • Light and Dance VR
  • Quizality
  • SaberSaw VR
  • Spacecats with Lasers VR
  • Henry The Hamster Handler
  • Wacky Wings VR
  • Duckpocalypse
  • Doritos VR Battle

Please note: 9 games require a VR headset like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive in order to play. VR headsets are still quite expensive and not many people have them so this is a bundle for a very, very limited audience, but if you do own one, it’s probably worth the money.

HTC Vive currently costs $799.99 on Amazon, while Oculus Rift is a bit cheaper ($599.99).

Buy the Bundle Stars Pure VR Bundle 2 here

BONUS: Use the code MAY5 to save an extra 5% off most titles during the May Madness Sale over at Bundle Stars.

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