Bundle Stars: Puzzle Bundle

What has 8 challenging Steam games and costs only a couple of bucks? A: The Puzzle Bundle! The final and only answer!

Pratice your mind and reflexes with this awesome selection of puzzlers from Bundle Stars! It includes over 1200 puzzlers of Puzzler World, unique word puzzle which combines the skill of Sudoku with the knowledge of Scrabble Lexica, ReignMaker – a city building political strategy game with match-3 tower defense combat.

Then there’s School Bus Fun, a challenging time management game with a heartwarming story, Dungeon of Elements – an RPG dungeon crawler with combat inspired by classic puzzle games like Dr. Mario or Tetris. Millie is a joyful, casual puzzle game that will tease both your wits and your memory! IGT Slots Paradise Garden is a brand new slots collection from the world’s leading slot machine manufacturer.

The Puzzle Bundle includes:

  • Puzzler World
  • Puzzler World 2
  • Lexica
  • ReignMaker
  • School Bus Fun
  • Dungeon of Elements
  • Millie
  • IGT Slots Paradise Garden

Grab the Puzzle Bundle over at Bundle Stars.

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