Bundle Stars: Razor Bundle

Razor bundle cuts with sharpshooting and sharpthinking games.

Skyborn is a steampunk-inspired RPG which takes you on an adventure with Claret, a girl pulled into an epic, city-wide conflict that’s going to take a lot more than elbow grease to fix!


Galactic Arms Race combines elements of old-school space shooters like Star Control, action-RPGs like Diablo, and open-world space adventure games like Freelancer. You’ll get to pilot your own gun ship, fight mercenaries, aliens and others to gain levels, skills and new weapons!


Play as the hero Carrion Iblis, as the story of Siegfried, the Empire’s true successor, plunges the world further and further into darkness in Deadly Sin 2. He will face down his own countrymen, repel an invasion of undead foes, conquer his personal demons, find love, and challenge the power of the heavens.


Cut through boredom with these games:

  • Syder Arcade
  • Rage Runner
  • Skyborn
  • Super MNC – Turbocross Bundle
  • Orborun
  • Saturday Morning RPG
  • Data Hacker: Initiation
  • 4 Elements
  • Galactic Arms Race
  • Deadly Sin 2

Get it over at Bundle Stars.


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