Bundle Stars Spotlight Bundle

Light up your Steam library with a sparkling bundle of awesome Indie games in the brand new Spotlight Bundle, featuring 12 games with 6 of them being bundle debuts! This is just one of many bundles available during the BundleFest at Bundle Stars.

Bundle Stars Spotlight Bundle

From epic RPG adventures to top-down, fast-paced action, check out the full line-up below:

TIER 1: Pay $2.99 to get all 12 games in this Steam bundle:

  • Tempest
  • King of Dragon Pass
  • Novus Inceptio
  • Tavernier
  • Battle Fleet 2
  • Chime Sharp
  • Warhammer Quest
  • Dark Train
  • NotGTAV
  • NotCoD
  • Loot Hound

You can grab this indie game bundle of Steam games for just $2.99 over at Bundle Stars

If you’re a card collector, this bundle might be for you since 11 out of 12 games come packed with Steam Trading cards.

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