Bundle Stars: The Killer Bundle #2

Fight on the frontline with 10 deadly Steam keys, saving $115 on your killing spree! Here are our favorites from the bundle:

Battle in the trenches with the first open-ended WWII game – experience intense combat, sniping, stealth and sabotage in stunning FPS Enemy Front. With full World War 2 weaponry arsenal, highly replayable 10 hour SP campaign and 12-player online multiplayer – this modern WWII FPS will keep you entertained for a while!

Slash, dash and claw your way to victory over your friends with lightning fast action and multiple hazardous stages in Samudai. The game is a local multiplayer party fighter featuring samurai cats, Steam Trading Cards and pretty though Ultimate Boss Mode!

Fight for supremacy in the year 2066 with the classic post-apocalyptic action game Redline. Earth-shaking explosions, 12 deep missions with stealth, assassinations, sabotage and more come with this fast-paced FPS with furious driving combat. The game has been described as the Mad Max of action games by IGN, and that really stands for something!

Blitzkrieg Anthologies, Space Rangers HD, Hegemony Rome and many more games included. Check out the full list below.

The Killer Bundle #2 includes:

  • Enemy Front
  • Space Rangers HD: A War Apart
  • Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar
  • 10 Years After
  • Reprisal Universe
  • Samudai
  • Boid
  • Blitzkrieg Anthology
  • Blitzkrieg 2 Anthology
  • Redline

Grab the Killer Bundle #2 over at Bundle Stars.

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