Bundle Stars: Trainz Mega Bundle

Control powerful steam, diesel and electric locomotives as they steam through towns, cities and rolling countryside. Design and build your own railroads and access hundreds of thousands of assets from the Trainz Download Station in Trainz Simulator 12. Bunch of DLC packs are also included in this bundle.


If you’re up for a less speedy but more entertaining ride, Train Town is fantastic fun for everyone. Build your world, choose your train, go on exciting adventures through cityscapes, jungles and deserts…and even crash and blow things up! Or keep the wheels in motion as trains speed to their various destinations in Trainz Trouble.

Mega Trainz Bundle includes:

  • Trainz Trouble
  • Train Town
  • Trainz Simulator 12
  • Trainz Simulator 12: Aerotrain DLC
  • Trainz Simulator 12: Blue Comet DLC
  • Trainz Simulator 12: BR Class 14 DLC
  • Trainz Simulator 12: Coronation Scot DLC
  • Trainz Simulator 12: Nickel Plate HSF
  • Trainz Simulator 12: PRR T1 DLC
  • Trainz Simulator 12: SS4 China Coal Heavy Haul Pack
  • Trainz Simulator 12: The Duchess
  • Trainz Simulator DLC: CONTZ Pack – Basic Edition
  • Trainz Simulator DLC: SNCF – AGC Languedoc
  • Trainz: Classic Cabon City
  • Trainz: Murchison 2
  • Trainz: Settle & Carlisle

Get it over at Bundle Stars.


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