Cloud Computing 101 Bundle

Cloud Computing 101 Bundle – Make Your Way Into the IT Industry with This 11-Hour Bundle on Cloud Virtualization & MongoDB

Cloud Computing 101 Bundle

“Cloud computing” refers to a model of network computing where a program runs on connected servers rather than on a local computing device such as a PC, tablet or Smartphone. This series of courses will make you a pro when it comes to anything cloud-related.

Cloud Computing 101 Bundle includes the following online courses:

  • Cloud Computing 101 – In this course, we’ll discuss Cloud computing in detail to learn how we manipulate, configure, and access applications online. Learn how to create virtual servers in the Cloud, configure monitoring & storage services in the Cloud and understand how to set up a load balancer & auto scaling of an existing network infrastructure
  • Cloud Computing Fundamentals – This course will lay the foundations for your journey into more advanced studies of the Cloud. You’ll get up to speed on all the fundamentals of implementing Cloud computing in an enterprise environment, and be ready to take your knowledge to the next level.
  • Virtualization and Cloud Computing – Just about every corporate environment these days runs on some kind of Cloud infrastructure which they rely on to provide a smooth workflow and protect their most important data. That’s why IT people make great money. In this course, you’ll dig into more advanced discussions of Cloud computing and learn virtualization concepts that help businesses thrive.
  • MongoDB: The NoSQL Database for Cloud and Desktop Computing – One of the principal uses of the Cloud is managing databases – specifically NoSQL databases. These non relational databases offer enhanced scalability, accessibility, and greater tools to organize disparate sets of data. In this course, you’ll explore a number of database tools, most specifically MongoDB that can help you make sense of unstructured data. Being able to implement this kind of system in a corporate environment is a huge resume booster, so listen up!

Cloud Computing 101 Bundle is available at IGB DEALS

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