The Complete NES Bluetooth Controller Kit

If you have an NES, you’re obviously either a dedicated gamer or just someone who appreciates the classics. Or just old, like us!

Regardless, you also probably know that wires can be a complete pain. Here’s a solution: The Retro Receiver and Xtander in this kit allow you to play your NES wirelessly with the included controller, PS3 or 4 controllers, Wiimote, or even on your smartphone. Mario? Welcome to the future.

  • Allows wireless gameplay by simply plugging in to NES
  • Compatible w/ PS3, PS4, Wiimote, & Wii U Pro
  • Xtander allows you to play retro games w/ your smartphone
  • Retro Receiver supports Windows, Mac OS X, & PS3
  • Built-in CPU & FLASH memory chip allows for upgradeable firmware

Well, time to try Battletoads again!

Grab this retro gadget over at IGB DEALS

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