CompTIA Certifications Study Guide Bundle

CompTIA Certifications Study Guide Bundle

CompTIA Certifications Study Guide Bundle includes two courses:

CompTIA IT Certification Training – CompTIA provides industry-leading certifications in a wide range of IT fields that verify that IT professionals have the qualifications and competencies required to work in corporate environments. In this comprehensive course, you’ll study the materials required to pass a variety of CompTIA exams. Over the course, you’ll dive into the CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+, Mobility+, and Linux+ exam materials so that by course’s end, you’ll be ready to pass all five of these certifications and greatly bolster your resume.

  • Access 8 comprehensive units of study 24/7
  • Understand the business value offered by Cloud services
  • Learn how to build effective wireless networks
  • Discover how to monitor & manage network hardware & traffic to ensure consistently high performance
  • Identify & satisfy compliance needs for data & network security
  • Dive into cryptographic methods & how they are applied in corporate environments
  • Configure hardware, manage software, & define file access permissions & sharing on a Linux system

CompTIA Linux+ (LX0-101 & LX0-102) – More and more companies and organizations are using Linux computing, putting a higher premium on capable Linux administrators. Over this course, you’ll learn how to become one of these well-paid administrators by delving into study materials for CompTIA’s Linux+ certification exams. By course’s end, you’ll have the know-how, and be ready to take the LX0-101 and LX0-102 exams in your own time.

  • Access 10 comprehensive units of study 24/7
  • Learn common command line operations & how to use Shell commands
  • Understand software installation & management using RPM, Apt-Get, & other libraries
  • Configure & access hardware resources from the Linux operating system
  • Partition & manage hard disk drive spaces & filesystems
  • Manage files & security permissions to protect corporate data
  • Deploy & configure the X desktop user interface to simplify management & usage of a Linux system

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