Free Mini Game Bundle at Groupees

Get ready for a burst of excitement and vibrant gameplay with the Crazy Colorful Freebie Mini Game Bundle at Groupees! 🌈🎮 Both games in this bundle, Crazy Belts and Crazy Color Balls are fun casual games and worth a download! After all, they’re free!

Free Mini Game Bundle at Groupees

This free game bundle includes two PC games you can grab for free before July 18th:

  • Crazy Color Balls: Rush your way through a maze of obstacles and colorful challenges! Control the color ball and skillfully navigate around objects that are not the same color. The game starts slow but picks up speed as you progress, offering a thrilling and fun experience. Avoid collisions and enjoy the fast-paced action! 🚀💥
  • Crazy Belts: Ever wondered what happens to your luggage at the airport? Join Loui the Bag on an adventure across five countries as he tries to return home safely! Manage the conveyor belts, guide each piece of luggage to its correct destination, and prevent any bags from being lost forever. With 60 levels to conquer and irresistible pop-eyed bags, this casual puzzle game will keep you entertained and challenged! 🌍✈️

Grab these two free PC games at Groupees for a limited time.

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