Daily Royale: Why So Evil?

Why So Evil? isn’t described by many words. The little information available says that the game in question is incredibly hard (maybe that explains the origin of the name), with no saving and no checkpoints. Just. Pure. Evil. The game mechanics will continuously try to find a way to kill you, or at least beat you.

The developers say that they feel like gamers deserve some real challenge after playing games that hold your hand and show you every little secret for years and years, auto save every 5 minutes and try to appeal to masses by being noob friendly.

The game features 50 levels, 10 platforms to play on, different weather conditions, 10 challenging secrets, hi-res textures and more…

You can grab Why So Evil? over at Daily Royale.

Oh, and make sure you read Brandon Dayton’s review of the game right here on IGB before making the final decision!

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