Divide By Sheep is free on Steam for a limited time

Divide By Sheep is Free to keep forever until 13 May, 2019. Any of you who go to the Steam page can permanently grab a copy of the game for free while the promo is active.

Divide By Sheep is free on Steam for a limited time


Divide By Sheep is a math puzzler about the Grim Reaper’s devious plan to make some sheepy friends. Grim can only befriend the dead, so he decided to unleash a great flood and drag the sheep under. Now stranded on small islands and sinking fast, the sheep need you to help them reach safety.

You save the little animals by solving clever math puzzles. Divide By Sheep is a game of addition and subtraction by any means possible, where puzzles start off fairly easy and playful, yet quickly escalate in both difficulty and dark humor.

Divide By Sheep has Very Positive reviews on Steam.


Just head over to Steam and add the game to your cart and checkout. Simple as that. Install now and keep forever – offer is limited so make sure to add it while you can!

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