Essential Speed Reading Bundle

Essential Speed Reading Bundle – Learn to Read 3x Faster, Be More Productive & Process More Info with This Duo of Critically-Acclaimed Speed Reading Programs

Learn to Read 3x Faster, Be More Productive & Process More Info with This Duo of Critically-Acclaimed Speed Reading Programs online course

Spreeder CX: 3-Yr Subscription:

What is RSVP (rapid serial visual presentation)? RSVP allows users to read digital content quickly by reducing eye movement and ultimately simulating a natural reading flow. Spreeder Pro is a RSVP e-reader that allows you to speed read any digital content you want. Simply upload URLs, documents or e-books, or paste text in the app, and the “e-reader” will display text at a rate that will help you get through your reading list in no time.

Featured on LifeHacker, Wired, Slate & More!

  • Make your reading experience super productive
  • Tune Spreeder for punctuation pauses, font, speed, background color & more for a fully customizable experience
  • Enable one of four reading modes: Serial, Flow, Highlight or Scroll to fit your style
  • Scroll through text manually to catch up when you get behind
  • Adjust speed, navigate text & more using keyboard shortcuts
  • Use offline or online
  • Get your own personal cloud library & add your content (book, PDFs, documents, etc.)
  • Use the guided training to learn speed reading tips & tricks

learn speedreading

7 Speed Reading EX: 3-Yr Subscription

Reading efficiency has been linked to greater success in school and work, making 7 Speed Reading EX an excellent investment in your future. 7-Speed-Reading focuses on training, and aims to improve your reading speed with a variety of interactive mediums. As a result, you’ll triple your reading speed while maintaining 100% comprehension–and open doors to career opportunities you never thought possible.

“The most comprehensive speed reading system anywhere – with 7 learning strategies, 15 software activities, video training, ultra-advanced tracking, and much more.” PC World

  • Read up to 3.471 times faster, w/ full comprehension
  • Upload any article, webpage, text file, or PDF into your library
  • Remove bad reading habits w/ exercises designed to improve comprehension
  • Receive guidance from world-leading experts w/ included video tutorials
  • Access 20,477 eBooks free, right on the 7 Speed Reading EX platform
  • Sync your profile w/ all of your computers through the Cloud so you can access your library anywhere
  • Use progress reports to track your improvement over time
  • Learn how to take care of your eyes through eye & body health training videos

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