Fanatical Build Your Own Strategy Bundle 3

Try out new tactics, create the perfect plan, manage your resources and just have fun in the new Fanatical Build your own Strategy Bundle 3.

Choose up to 7 games to add of your bundle! Get 3 game for $4.99, 5 games for $7.99 or 7 games for $9.99. That’s a good way to get some quality Steam games for cheap and fill your library a bit!

strategy 3

Including real-time strategy battles, intense turn-based action and pulling off perfectly synchronized plans, this bundle will test your skills.

Select more games to unlock the biggest discounts. All the games in our Build your own Strategy Bundle 3 are supplied as official Steam keys. Simply redeem your keys instantly on Steam, and keep your games forever.

You can choose out of 16 Steam games to make your own custom bundle:

All games come as redeemable Steam keys, directly supplied by the publishers to Fanatical.

Buy the Fanatical Build Your Own Strategy Bundle 3 here

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