Fanatical Build Your Own Ultimate VR Bundle 2

Put your goggles on, it’s time to choose some new virtual playgrounds in the Build your own Ultimate VR Bundle 2!

Choose 2, 4, 6 or 10 games to add to your bundle! Get 2 games for $8.99, 4 for $16.99, 6 for $22.99 or 10 games for $29.99. VR games are usually very expensive and this bundle is good way to get some of them for a cheaper price.

Build Your Own Ultimate VR Bundle 2

With 16 Virtual Reality-based Steam PC games to choose from, including 12 new-to-bundle titles, you’ll not only get to enjoy fantastic new games – you’ll feel a part of them.

Here’s what Steam games you can choose from:

All games come as redeemable Steam keys, directly supplied by the publishers to Fanatical.

Buy the Fanatical Build Your Own Ultimate VR Bundle 2 here

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