Fanatical Crystal VR Collection 2 – Build Your Own Bundle

Want to get some cheap VR games for Steam?

Immerse yourself in some new goggle-eyed adventures in the all-new Fanatical Crystal VR Collection 2 – Build your own Bundle.

Choose 3, 4, or 5 games to add to your bundle! Get 3 VR Steam games for $14.99, 4 for $18.99 or 5 games for $21.99.

Virtual Reality games are usually very expensive and this bundle is good way to get some of them for a (bit) cheaper price.

Crystal VR Collection 2

Featuring Ragnarock – the overwhelmingly positive Viking rhythm game! Plus get the recently released Shadowgate VR: The Mines of Mythrok, lose yourself in the puzzling-adventure hit Down the Rabbit Hole, lock ‘n’ load in intense VR shooter Overkill VR, dance to the rhythm in Audio Trip, take to the skies in Warplanes: Battles over Pacific, and so much more.

Choose from these 22 VR games and make your own custom bundle:

Buy the Fanatical Crystal VR Collection 2 – Build Your Own Bundle here

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