Fanatical Nemesis Bundle 7

Up to 14 incredible Steam PC games await in the brand-new Nemesis Bundle 7.

With up to three tiers, embark on dangerous journeys through post-apocalyptic and supernatural worlds, or start up your own car mechanic business and construct slick cars that make Pimp My Ride look like child’s play!

With eight adventure indies available, as well as indie RPGs and a unique sandbox strategy, the Nemesis Bundle 7 will make a fine addition to your Steam library.

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TIER 1: Pay $1.00 to get the first 4 games in this Steam bundle:

TIER 2: Pay $4.99 to get even more Steam games:

TIER 3: Pay $9.99 to also get the final two titles in this PC bundle:

12 games out of 14 in this bundle come with Steam Trading Cards. All games are playable on Windows PC.

Buy the Fanatical Nemesis Bundle 7 here

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