Fanatical Nemesis Bundle 8

Fanatical Nemesis Bundle 8 – A bundle that stands out among its rivals!

Grab 13 Steam games and one DLC in the jam-packed Nemesis 8 Bundle, featuring three tiers with an overall saving of $153. Experience an eerie blend of puzzles, hidden objects and an intense atmosphere in one game and action-packed shooting the next.

Fanatical Nemesis Bundle 8

With 8 new-to-bundle and an overall average Steam rating of 80%, the Nemesis 8 Bundle has plenty to offer.

TIER 1: Pay $1.00 to get the first 3 games in this Steam bundle:

TIER 2: Pay $4.99 to get even more Steam games:

TIER 3: Pay $5.99 to also get the final two titles in this PC bundle:

10 games out of 13 in this bundle come with Steam Trading Cards. All games are playable on Windows PC.

Buy the Fanatical Nemesis Bundle 8 here

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