Fanatical Nitro Bundle

Send your gaming session into overdrive and feel the rush with our brand-new exclusive Fanatical Nitro Bundle. Put the pedal to the metal with six racing Steam PC games, plus DLC!

Fanatical Nitro Bundle

In this high octane line-up, you’ll experience everything from authentic, photorealistic racers for well-known championships to over-the-top, futuristic battles to the finish line with zero gravity and armed-to-the-teeth vehicles.

TIER 1: Pay $4.99 to get all 12 titles in this indie game bundle:

You can buy Fanatical Nitro Bundle here for a limited time

Plus as part of your order, you will be sent a 5% discount coupon to use on your next games bundle from Fanatical.

4 of 12 titles featured in this PC indie game bundle come with Steam Trading Cards. All 7 titles in this indie game collection activate on Steam via separate Steam keys. All games in the Fanatical Nitro Bundle are playable on Windows, few of them are also playable on Mac and/or Linux.

You can also check out all other bundles by Fanatical here or take a look at all other active game bundles right here.

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